Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kisses and Lies Lauren Henderson

Kisses and Lies by Lauren Henderson- This is a first and last time I will do this, post back to back series reviews. Kisses and Lies picks up were Kiss Me Kill Me left off. I won't share much from Kisses and Lies because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Scarlett is still determined to find who killed Dan. Scarlett continues to use her gymnastics ability to get out of tight jams, making for some exciting reading. Henderson has created very believable teenage sleuths in Scarlett and her partner Taylor. Their friendship is new and they're still feeling each other out. Taylor is the muscle, she's also quick on her feet, smart and wants to become a private investigator. Like any good lead sleuth Scarlett is introspective, has family issues and a love interest, Jase. In Kisses and Lies things are revealed about Dan that I never saw coming, increasing the list of suspects. Henderson writing is strong throughout Kisses and Lies, its only towards the end that it falters slightly. Though I blame my high expectations on the authors writing. I read a lot of mysteries and I've come to realize the ending is the hardest to pull off. When the killer is revealed and captured I was thinking to myself Henderson almost had me from beginning to end. I still highly recommending Kisses and Lies. I am also looking forward to seeing were this series will go. What will Scarlett's and Taylor's next case be? Will Scarlett and Jase finally get together. Will Taylor have a relationship of her own. If so will Henderson give her a boyfriend or girlfriend? I have high hopes for this series. I only hope the author doesn't get too repetitive. Scarlett mentioned Dan's dying in her arms a little too much. I know it was a traumatic event that changed Scarlett's life but still. For anyone writing a series don't think so hard about the readers who haven't read your books yet, think about readers who have. Don't penalize those familiar with your series with too many recaps or flashbacks. Plus it will make the unfamliar go out and buy the other books.

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Honestly, I could have told my aunt Gwen I was staying with a pedophile I met when he picked me up in the knickers section of Marks and Spencer's and she wouldn't have batted an eyelid. I said sourly. Yeah but your aunt Gwen hates you. Taylor pointed out with brutal frankness.

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I agree about recapping series events. Who is more likely to be reading a second or third book in a series? I would say people who have read the books beforehand, not first-time readers. Makes more sense to write for them.