Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Question for Parents

I don't have kids so can parents explain to me why the hell some parents let their children grab like 10 -15 books and not have them put any back? Instead of working I have to stand guard so parents know they have to watch their children. But once I leave forgetaboutit crap is every where. If you bring your child to storytime on a regular basis either buy a book every once in a while or don't let your child trash the section. Today, I had a man come in with three kids, I assume they weren't his because the kids did whatever they wanted. I saw the three kids ten minutes before I saw the man, the oldest was maybe 6. They were yelling downstairs and riding the escalator up. I was joking with my co worker about calling DFACS. Right when I am about to tell them to stop the man appears. He takes the very loud three back to kids section. I go back that way and the three kids are trying to jump over a sitting stool with a running jump mind you. I am like wtf, really. I know the very loud three didn't go to church today. Anyhow I tell them there is no jumping over furniture in my way down deep you better listen to me voice. ( I didn't even know I had that voice). And then I hear the man behind me say see kids you can't do that. When I heard the man speak I was pissed. He was watching the kids do what they're not suppose to but said nothing its not my job to parent.


aisha said...

I have felt your pain many times when we used to have a store. Those were probably his kids, trust me. It seems as though parents are distracted these days. I can't began to explain why but my children would have never thought to act like that. Now that they are grown, when we see some children acting like that with their parents, they whisper to me BADD.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I see people let kids run amok everywhere. I feel your pain.