Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Cabinet of Wonders Marie Rutkoski

Kronos Chronicles #01: The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski. Is a Cybils finalists for the Fantasy & Science Fiction category I really enjoyed this book. 12yr old Petra's father built a one of a kind clock for the prince in Prague. The prince thanked him by stealing his eyes. Petra is determined to get her fathers eyes back. She sets off for Praque with her mechanical spider Astrophil to do just that. I really liked Petra, she came across as the 12 yr old girl she was suppose to be. Rutkoski writing is smooth and unforced. Though I really enjoyed the book, I don't feel like breaking it down too much, I want to remember it whole. Plus I wouldn't do a good job of it. So check out Fuse #8 The Cabinet of Wonders review.

I was surprised and happy to see that I've read 9 out of the 11 books in this Cybils category. When I started working in the children's section I didn't read much fantasy and sci fi books. Its impossible to work in that section and not read it. So I opened myself up to a genre I was always closed off to, and discovered some really good stories. Though I am still one of the only people at work who hasn't read the Harry Potter books. Even Toni's read these and I can't get her to read anything besides picture books. If your looking for new books for your child check out the Cybils Finalist The categories range from Easy Readers to Young Adult.


Lenore Appelhans said...

That one does sounds good. I like stories set in foreign countries.

susan said...

Doret, are you a member at Jacketflap? That where I first heard of the Cybils list. Small world.