Friday, January 23, 2009

Dope Sick Walter Dean Myers

Dope Sick by Walter Dean Myers A cop was shot in a drug deal gone wrong. 17yr old Lil J is running for his life a gun shot wound in his arm. Lil J finds his way into the apartment of a man with a magical remote. With Kelly's remote Lil J can glimpse his future and past. In the apartment Lil J must face his addiction, fears and failures for a second chance. As always Myers writing is beautiful.

Time to share

I just had to pee but I was so tired I needed to sit down. When I went to undo my belt, I got a sharp pain in my arm. It made me want to cry. Not the pain but just the way my whole thing was, like falling apart. Some guys my age was away at college, or working or training in the army. Here I was in some tiny butt bathroom trying to get my head together and rapping to some weird sucker.

Dope Sick will be released February 10

Goddess of YA passes on the news of the initiative to offer Dope Sick for free online


teacherninja said...

Walter Dean Myers is awesome.

Doret said...

That he is.

PatriciaW said...

I love everything Walter Dean Myers writes. More importantly, my 13 yo does too.