Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kiss Me Kill Me Lauren Henderson

Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson 16yr old Scarlett attends St. Tabby's a posh private school in London. I absolutely loved Scarlett, she's a gymnast with a mystery to solve. One day she's given the opportunity to sit with the in crowd. She takes it turning her back on a five year friendship with her two best friends. Scarlett than scores a invite to a party that's way above her school status. At the party Scarlett kisses a boy for the first time. Dan McAndrew, a handsome popular, star athlete. Its only one kiss but the author makes the reader believe in their possibly when fully drawn in Dan dies in Scarlett's arms. There is an investigation into Dan's death but nothing is revealed. Scarlett is harassed nicknamed the kiss of death and forced to leave school. Scarlett decides to find out what really happened when she receives an anonymous note saying it wasn't her fault. This is a great read, the mystery is perfectly fun. Scarlett is constantly using her gymnastics ability, the author describes the movements, which any gymnast who reads this will love. While reading I kept asking myself how I missed it the first time around in hardcover. Though now I am thinking that was probably for the best because now I don't have to wait a year to read the sequel Kisses and Lies , it was released this week.
I hope Henderson reveals what happened to Dan in the second book.

Time to Share
"The policemen, despite themselves, are looking at me with pity now. Strangely, I dislike that even more than when they were doing the bad cop interrogation routine. Pity's worse than anything. Just ask an orphan they'll tell you that. Great. How tragic is it to have policemen feeling sorry for you because you're a pathetic orphan with the social life of roadkill? I almost preferred it when they were thinking I was some kind of drug dealer."

I loved Kiss me Tell me and will be adding it to my pre teen repertiore. Fans of Ally Carter's I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You will enjoy it.

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