Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hot Girl Dream Jordan (From Brooklyn to The Bronx)

Hot Girl by Dream Jordan . Kate has spent all of her 14yrs in the foster care system. Her life is finally starting to turn around, she's left her gang , stopped hanging with the wrong crowd, started controlling her temper and is getting A's in school. Even though Kate's been living with the Johnson's for 6 months she still worries they will send her back to a group home. Its summer time, Kate's best friend Felicia is in South Africa. Kate decided to stay in Brooklyn for the summer. She befriends Naleejah a hot girl, who makes over her tom boy image. Kate uses this makeover to catch the eye of her friend Charles. Kate is book smart, street smart, funny, quick and observant. Her quick wit had me laughing out loud. Kate doesn't let being in foster care keep her from dreaming and setting goals. Hot Girl gets better with each page, I loved watching Kate stay true to herself. Her new way of life is tested by Naleejah, a girl who's hotness could not overshadow her shadiness. One of my favorite characters is Kate's social worker Tisha, she cares enough to stay on Kate's case. Once you pick up Hot Girl there is no putting it down. Hot Girl is up for the quick picks for reluctant readers award for 2009 with the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Time to Share Directions to the clinic
I ran down the address and gave Naleejah directions to a T. I've escorted so many group homegirls to the cootie clinic (don't laugh, that's what we called it), I could get to that grimy old building with my eyes closed. "Can you come with me?" asked Naleejah. I paused, and then said, "Sorry, I can't" Man I felt so bad for having to say no. But Tisha is no -nonsense when it comes to keeping appointments. Tisha was meeting me on her own time, something she didn't have to do. If I fronted on Tisha, she would be furious with me.

I was flipping through a catalog and was lucky enough to come across Hot Girl. I thought to myself what are the chances I'd find Hot Girl the morning after I finished Kendra by Coe Booth another Young Adult title about a 14yr old black girl living in one of the five boroughs. So I couldn't resist linking the two post.
(From Brooklyn to The Bronx) and I know this will never happen but I would love for Kate and Kendra's to meet, maybe somewhere neutral like the city. I believe the two would get along nicely.


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