Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sneak Attack Customer Style

Another Unfortunate Skit at Books are Beautiful

While helping a customer find a few gifts, Marcus feels someone impatiently starring him down. He refuses to acknowledge their presence.

Marcus- We have a lot of great new books on WWII
Customer- Prefect, if you can show me a few of the more recent ones
Marcus (I see you lurking, and I feel your stare but you still have to wait) Sure
Customer- I am also looking for a cookbook for my brother who recently graduated from culinary school.

The Sneak Attacker- Inches in closer, begins to sigh

Marcus (ahh you wanna play like that, a full court press. Yeah that will help you get service quicker) We have some excellent professional cookbooks and I'll also show you some international cookbooks
Customer- That's a wonderful idea
The Sneak Attacker- I just have a quick question.
Marcus (Sure) If you wait someone will be right with you
The Sneak Attacker- I have been waiting
Marcus (whatever, you've been plotting this quick question line since you walked up) What section can I point you towards.
The Sneak Attacker- I need a book for my 10yr old niece and 12 yr old nephew.
Marcus (wtf, that's not quick, where's the bathroom is quick, where's Harry Potter is quick, that's a wait my turn question.) Unfortunately, Sir you're going to have to wait. I am still assisting this customer, who was kind enough to wait while I heard you out.

The Sneak Attacker- Screams you need more employees before leaving the store

Marcus- Sorry about that
Customer- No worries that guy was an ass
Marcus (You've just earned 5 more minutes of my time)

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Apryl DeLancey said...

I love your "unfortunate skits"!