Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kendra Coe Booth (From The Bronx to Brooklyn)

Kendra by Coe Booth I was very excited when I heard this was coming out because I loved Booth's first award winning novel Tyrell and I wasn't the only one. This novel is once again set in the Bronxwood. Kendra's mother Renee had her when she was only 14 yrs old. Kendra was raised by her grandmother sleeping in the bedroom that was once her mothers, while Renee earned degree after degree. The book opens with Kendra and her grandmother returning from Renee's graduation ceremony. 14yr old Kendra believes now that Renee has her PHD, she will come back for her. Still there are excuses, feeling unwanted Kendra's life begins to spin out of control, its part indecision and part I don't care anymore. Its a gradual downward spiral and that's the beauty of Kendra. As you're reading it you never once think this could never happen but rather- if only Renee's mother were around, if only Kendra' grandmother trusted her more, if only that boy would stop lingering. Booth's characters are special because they're so around the way and she places them in very realistic situations. My heart want out to Kendra when she would sit in her room sketching houses.
Time to share
Nana doesn't knock
About twenty minutes later, while I'm sitting on my bed picking on the grapes and trying to finish the boring chapter for world history, the phone rings and Nana comes down the hall and opens the door without even knocking. She never knocks and I don't have the energy to get mad anymore.
Renee's Pictures
And Nana had to notice all those pictures Renee had stuck into the frame of the big mirror over her futon. Pictures of everyone, all her friends from home and school, pictures of her and Nana, and even a picture of herself when she was a baby. But not one picture of me anywhere. I tried not to let it bother me, but it did, anyway. And if Nana can't understand that, that's her problem.
The day after I finished Kendra came across Hot Girl by Dream Jordan, another YA title about a 14 yr old black girl living in one of the five boroughs. I thought to myself what are the chances I would read these two books back to back. If you're wondering very slim since I've been meaning to read Kendra for months and I didn't even know about Hot Girl until the day I started it. So I couldn't resist linking the two post. (From The Bronx to Brooklyn) I know this would never happen but I would love for Kendra and Kate to meet, maybe somewhere neutral like the city. I think they would get along nicely.

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