Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trouble Follows Monica McKayhan

Trouble Follows: An Indigo Novel (Kimani TRU) by Monica Mckayhan I didn't read my first Kimani Tru novel until last September. When I told Toni she gave me a well deserved head shake. As much YA as I read there's no excuse for me waiting so long to read a Kimani Tru novel. The first was Indigo by McKayhan. I loved it, so it only makes sense that the first Kimani Tru novel I review is an Indigo novel. 15 yr old Jade is moving back to Atlanta. When her parents divorced Jade moved with her mother and sister to New Jersey to live with her grandmother. Jade started acting out at school, so it was decided she would move back in with her father to get straighten out. Jade is happy to move back, so she can be with her best friend Indigo again. Indigo is on the H.S dance dance and has a great boyfriend, named Marcus. The novel alternates between these three characters. McKayhan writes characters and situations that teens can relate to and learn from. The author confronts many issues in the novel. Jade comes face to face with a teacher who abuses his position and touches her inappropriately. To keep her weight for the dance team Indigo develops an eating disorder. I really liked this story line because there is still a perception that black girls don't do eating disorders. McKayhan doesn't push the issue but she puts it out there. Marcus is a straight A student with a part time job and plans for his future. However the police don't see that, while riding with his teammates they're pulled over and arrested. McKayhan shows how easy it is for a black male to get caught up even when he's doing right. The issues never overshadow the story. Trouble Follows moves at a great pace and I really cared about these characters.

Time to Share Jade's 1st day

"My heart pounded as I roamed the halls of my new high school. It pounded so loudly that I could actually hear it. I'd missed Indigo all morning, too busy trying to find my classes. That wasn't until the afternoon that I finally spotted her. I took two steps at a time until I reached the third floor. She was standing in the middle of the hallway, cheesing and wavy. I would have to teach that girl how to be more cool and low key."


Anonymous said...

Wow Thats A Wonderful summary I also read the book its to die for

Doret said...

Thanks anonymous for stopping by and leaving a comment. It was a great book. The author has a few more in the series. Make sure to come back, I'll probably talk about some more books you'll like leaning heavily towards love.
Thanks again