Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Late Mari Evans

I'm Late by Mari Evans- Evans has an extensive biography and I am embarrassed to say I was unfamiliar with her work before this. I'm Late is only 74 pages not including the post questions. This is the story of three teenagers LaNeese, Moonlight and Alisha. 14 yr olds, LaNeese and Alisha are pregnant. The story opens with LaNeese telling her boyfriend Moonlight. His response "Your What" "Shit"
LaNeese tries to hide her pregnancy from her mom. When LaNeese's mother finds out she is very supportive. LaNeese starts going for pre-natal care. I can't think of many teen novels that mention prenatal care. Unfortunately the class does not teach LaNeese that hitting your child is not the answer.
Alisha is pregnant by some random guy. She is overweight and doesn't see herself as pretty but the baby will be proof that someone once touched her. Alisha has horrible eating habits and doesn't visit a doctor while pregnant.
Moonlight (Moon)- Just wants to get drafted by the NFL
I'm Late is Only 74 pages not including the post questions. Written in 2006 the author doesn't risk dating it by mentioning clothing labels or anything else that could make a reader pause . I'm Late reads real, and is written in an almost play like format. I could see students acting this novel out. The post questions allow for continued discussion.
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LeNeese goes to the clinic
"Neesie had no idea there was so much to it. She had thought that they would just grow by themselves and come out after nine months when they were ready. Nine months. That was about all she or any other girls her age that came to the Clinic knew. Nine months."
"By May Alisha knew she was pregnant. She might still have gotten an abortion but she didn't want one. Her periods never came back, and she never told. She finally decided not to even tell Nessie."

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