Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mr Short Shorts

Another Unforunate skit at Books are Beautiful
Two employees notice the return of a Books are Beautiful all dayer

James- Your boyfriends back and he's wearing the orange ones again.
Tamika- eww, Why must you say that every time
James- Your reaction helps supplement my minimum wage. And it looks like Mr Short Shorts
shorts are shorter again. What do you think?
Tamika- I'll take your word for it.
James- He's probably succeeded in killing all his baby makers
Tamika- eww, there is a line you know.
James- (takes two steps back draws a line with his foot) Do you ever wonder how it started? Was he on the wrestling team or track team. Or maybe an ex-girlfriend liked men in Short Shorts. It had to start somewhere its not like he came out of the womb wearing short shorts
Tamika- eww, there's a line, remember the line. I was planning on eating lunch today
James- Oh you'll be fine. Don't you ever wonder about Mr Short Shorts.
Tamika- No, I try not to think about any of the all dayers.
James- I do too. I am just trying to understand why a grown man would wear short shorts. I am tempted to take his picture will my cell and show him what we see. Because obliviously his mirror is showing him what he looked like 10 yrs ago.
Tamika- You shouldn't even be looking at him. Mr Short Shorts does not exist in my world. I've learned not to see him. The only way you'll survive at Books are Beautiful is to ignore the all dayers.
James- I am only fascinated by Mr Short Shorts
Tamika- Sure now, but if you're not careful you'll start wondering why no bra lady always has a Victoria Secret bag or why Corn Feet always takes off his shoes.
James- But just tell me why a grown man would wear short shorts
Tamika- I don't know, unfortunately all I can tell you for sure is don't ask why.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Your skits crack me up!

I have also wondered what possesses grown men to wear short shots in this day and age. I was so graced by observing one today. His were a lovely camo of orange and blue. Priceless

Doret said...

He must have a magical or forgiving mirror