Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come Sip My Margarita

It's been a slow Tuesday night at Books are Beautiful. The staff has shelved all the books, dusted all the displays and cleaned the store from top to bottom. Though they would never wish for a condescending prick bastard talking on their cell phone customer,but a customer with a little color with help past the time. The staff gets there wish. Tamika lucks out and gets the customer but she will share the story with everyone

Come Sip My Margarita- Another Unfortunate skit

Tamika - Hi, how are you doing today?
Customer- Feeling cleansed, clean and with it. My body clock and I are clicking again
Tamika- Well thats good
Customer- Yes it is. Returned from a bitchin world experience.
Tamika- (he's kind of fun, and this better than busy work) Welcome back
Customer- Dude there is so much out there.
Tamika - Where did you go?
Customer- Everywhere my body heard the call. My travel tops were Australia, New Zealand Brazil and Thailand. Everywhere I went the people were so welcoming. I needed to step away from my life, regain core control. I was so bad off at the beginning you could smell my melancholy. Brazil was my first stop and I went into a little dump of a bar with a few locals, the bartender kept looking at me funny. I thought he wanted to kick my non Brazilian ass. (slight laugh), Nadel and I are friends for life now
Tamika ( I am going to call you Matthew in my head. I really like you Matthew) What did Nadel do?
Customer - I knew you would ask. You give off this wise vibe and only the wise question. Nadel came over to me and said "Come sip my Margarita." Those four words help me reestablish core control. It sounds strange I know but Nadel is gifted in the ways of the margarita. There are many margaritas for our many moods. Nadel said he felt my sadness, and knew I needed to slow sip a cool mango margarita. I didn't want to offend Nadel but of course he was still the bartender at the time, so I took the drink. When I got that first taste of mango and ice life didn't seem so bad. I stayed in that bar all night and that is way I am here today. I promised Nadel when I got back to the states I'd find a book on how to make proper margaritas.
Tamika- (walking Matthew to beverage section) You've inspired me to drink more margaritas, and I just got a new blender.
Customer - Yes to more margaritas, no to the blender. Nadel says a true margarita never sees the inside of a blender. In order to benefit from the magic that is a margarita the process must be all natural. No blender no mix.
Tamika- No blender, no mix, thanks for sharing
Customer- I always share with those who will listen. I am no Nadel but I feel you would do well to drink a strawberry margarita. It will help ease some of that work tension.
Tamika- You're not suppose to see that
Customer- I won't tell
Tamika- Thanks, here are the drink books. I guess I have to get back to work
Customer- Really
Tamika- Unfortunately, but I hope you find the perfect margarita book
Customer- I will


Bam-Bam said...

Niiice! Thanks, Doret!

Doret said...

Thanks for the extra i's, Bam