Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hip Hop Speaks to Children Nikki Giovanni

Hip Hop Speaks to Children edited by Nikki Giovanni. I am about four weeks late with this post. Usually I wouldn't still write this, since there is nothing left to be said but I am hoping I get a view visitors who haven't seen the other post. Though I will keep this short and sweet. Hip Hop Speaks to Children is one of those love at first site books. There is a great mix of the old and new. The book has several excerpts including Queen Latifah's - Ladies First and The SugarHill Gangs- Rappers Delight. Also includes Langston Hughes's- The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Paul Laurence Dunbar's- We Wear the Mask, Nikki Giovanni's- Ego Tripping, Lauryn Hill's - Everything is Everything. The illustrations are beautiful. Five illustrators contributed to this collection - Kristan Balouch, Michele Noiset, Jeremy Tugeau, Alicia Vergel de Dios and Damian Ward. The book comes with a C.D., the whole family can enjoy listening to it in the car.
Longer more substantial post can be found elsewhere including Shelf Elf , Fuse#8 and BC magazine .I have seen more reviews of this book but three links is all you're getting, and really one is all you need. Its all pretty much the same, nothing but love for Hip Hop Speaks to Children.

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