Monday, October 13, 2008

The Curse of Cuddle Mcgee Emily Ecton

Curse of Cuddles Mcgee -Emily Ecton I loved this book. It had me laughing so hard, at the end I was laugh snorting on the train. This is the second book in a new series, Boots and Pieces is the first one. I was still able to fully enjoy The Curse of Cuddle Mcgee without having read the first book. Arlie and her best friend Ty are messing around at a construction site. They accidentally uncover the bones of a cursed hamster, Cuddles Mcgee. Arlie and Ty must figure out a way to stop Cuddles from destroying all the places Arlie visits and leaving random gifts on her bed. I can't leave out Mr. Boots , Arlie's Chihuahua who likes to show his bits. Mr. Boots is a star in this series along with Arlie and Ty. While all this mayhem is happening Arlie's parents are away at a spa retreat since Arlie's mother is having a nervous break down over Mr. Boots indecency. A neighbor is keeping an eye on Arlie and her older sister Tina. America's Most Talented Pets is coming to town, and though Mr. Boots has no talent Tina is determined to get him on the show. There is a lot going on in this book, Ecton does an excellent job with all the story lines. Curse of Cuddle Mcgee has strange animals and people making for a very funny book. This was just so much fun. Arlie and Ty make a great duo, they have the timing of life long friends.

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Arlie and Ty find Cuddles

" A bunch of bones are enough to give anybody the willies. Of course, Ty didn't have any idea why I suddenly did my involuntary and highly embarrassing freak-out dance. Or he didn't until he squatted down and saw what had fallen out of the canister. Then he did a pretty embarrassing dance of his own. Aw bones! Eww, Arlie eww. That's bones! Those are bones in there!"

Tina has something on Arlie

"You might have fooled mom and dad, but you don't fool me for one second. I don't know what you're doing but as of this minute, you are mine. You hear me? Mine. Did I mention Tina's middle name is blackmail. I figured my options were pretty limited here cool and casual, which had the chance of throwing her off or puddle on the floor nervous, which really didn't have any advantages that I could see but was definitely the direction I was leaning. "

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