Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Salute to City Reading- Silver Sparrow (Atlanta)

Today I am happy to take part in city reading day wherein bloggers will be highlighting novels in which the city setting shines. There's something very nice about reading a book where the city is not mere background, but so developed it becomes another vital part of the story.

Silver Sparrow is Tayari Jones third novel like her previous two it is set in the city of Atlanta. This was my introduction to Jones writing I've heard great things about the author for years and her work lived up to the high praise.

I had the opportunity to go to one of the author's book signings when she was in Atlanta. You know an author is good when people will stay in a room with no air conditioning in summer(in the south mind you). I think that speaks volumes for Jones talent and how much she will always be loved by her native city.

At the signing Jones talked about the setting and how authors have the ability to capture the history of a city within a novel. When I read Silver Sparrow I could not help but notice and appreciate how much care Jones took with her city setting. It was simply one more reason for me to call this a 2011 favorite.

"Jones beautifully evokes Atlanta in the 1980's while creating gritty, imperfect characters whose pain lingers in the reader's heart." - Kirkus Reviews.

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MotherReader said...

You have to love when a writer shows the skill and exerts the energy to make the city setting come alive and feel real to the people who know that city. Sounds like a great set of books.

tanita✿davis said...

Wow, even Kirkus shouted out the city setting. I haven't read this series yet, but it's on my list! (post-Cybils, which is where all my list is now...)

Doret said...

Jones three novels are stand alones but all are set in Atlanta, sorry for the confusion. I will fix that.

Brasil said...

Silver Sparrow was an awesome read! Tayari has an amazing voice. Her character development, prose, and storyline immediately endear you to the characters of this book! I'm looking forward to reading more from her!