Monday, November 28, 2011

Fake Me A Match - Lauren Barnholdt

Fake Me A Match by Lauren Barnholdt
Avery's old best friend Sophie stopped being friends with her in the 7th grade. She is looking for a new best friend and her mother is getting remarried. Avery hopes Blake her new step sister will be her new best friend. Though somehow Blake starts hanging out with Sophie. When Avery is put in charge of schools online matchmaking charity project, she suddenly becomes popular

"My hand shoots up into the air before I can stop it. "Excuse me." I say. "I thought you just said we were going to be doing a matchmaking service, but that cannot be right." Is is possible she means, like career matchmaking? You know, where you take one of those aptitude tests and they tell you what career you're suited for? "Oh, its right," Ms. Tosh says. "You see, we polled the students on what kind of charity project they'd like to see this year, and matchmaking service was at the top of this list." "What poll?" I ask. "I don't remember any poll," And if there had been a poll, I definitely would not have voted for a matchmaking service. How the heck am I going to put that on my college applications? As a seventh grader, I raised money for Children's Hospital Boston by running a matchmaking sevice?"

There are just the right amount of misunderstandings and mishaps, from Avery and Blake liking the same boy and Sophie trying to get between the two. I also loved the adopted dogs. Avery and Blake both get a dog from the pound. Blake's is very well behaved, while Avery's gets into everything. This was a great light and fun novel. I laughed out loud several times. The cover doesn't do the story justice. First impression I didn't think Fake Me a Match would be good and I was happy to be proven wrong. An excellent tween read.

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