Monday, November 14, 2011

Circus Galacticus - Deva Fagan

Circus Galacticus by Deva Fagan
Trix's parents always told her she was special. Since their fatal accident Trix is having a difficult time believing them. Trix has no friends and doesn't fit in at her boarding school. The students class are going to see the touring circus, Circus Galacticus. After Trix spots from small print on the Circus Galacticus poster that she can see, she doesn't know what to make it.

At the circus a strange man is after Trix. Running blindly Trix discovers the hidden world of circus galacticus. Lead by a young man named Ringmaster, populated by people from different galaxies, they travel the universe putting on shows.When given the chance Trix quickly agrees to stay abroad. Trix hopes she's finally found somewhere to fit in and finally discover her special abilities.

I enjoyed this one so much and loved Trix. Once again Fagan incorporates a naturally diverse cast. The story moves at a good clip, its filled with action, mystery and danger. The character's relationships were as important as the action. So there was the right about of heart. As someone who didn't grow up reading fantasy, I appreciate the uncomplicated worldbuilding. After Trix joins Circus Galacticus, it was easy to learn along with her about the new world.

As the circus travels the universe Trix learns a few secrets about the place she might want to call home. This was great from the beginning and kept getting better. I loved being surprised with an unexpected turn especially one that's beautifully done. I might have to start calling Fagan the closer. At the halfway mark there's always an extra bit of wow.

An excerpt

This weekend I will be posting a two part interview with the author. It wasn't suppose to be a two parter but I thought the whole thing went very well together and there was no need to edit out a question.

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