Friday, March 4, 2011

Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, two kidlit bloggers, Margo Tanenbaum and Lisa Taylor founded Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month

This blog was founded in order to commemorate Women's History Month across the kidlitosphere, the community of bloggers specializing in children's and young adult literature. This inaugural 2011 celebration is organized by bloggers The Fourth Musketeer, a library science student, and Shelf-Employed, a children's librarian. Why celebrate women's history and children's literature? Not so long ago, women's history was virtually ignored in the K-12 curriculum. To address this situation, “Women’s History Week” was started in California in 1978; the observance became national in 1981 with a joint Congressional Resolution proclaiming National Women’s Week, which was extended a few years later into Women’s History Month.

I first heard about this thanks to a Non Fiction Monday in early Feburary. Margo and Lisa were looking for bloggers who wanted to participate. I quickly jumped at the chance, I knew if I thought too long all the spots would be filled. Sure enough, there were only a few dates left open.
Here is the full line up.

March 1 Shelf-Employed
March 2
Kathleen Krull - author
March 3 Chasing Ray
March 4
Ann Bausum - author
March 5 Pragmatic Mom
March 6
Jan Godown Annino - author
March 7
Tanya Lee Stone - author
March 8
Carolyn Meyer - author
March 9
Tami Lewis Brown - author
March 10 Marissa Moss - author
March 11 Teach with Picture Books
March 12 Heidi Hemming
March 13
Audrey Vernick - author
March 14
Holly George Warren - author
March 15 Abby the Librarian
March 16 Say it Rah-shay
March 17 Diane Browning
March 18 Great Kid Books
March 19 Linda Brewster
March 20 GreenBeanTeenQueen
March 21 The HappyNappyBookseller
March 22 Books of Wonder and Wisdom
March 23
Erica Silverman - author
March 24
Tonya Bolden - author
March 25
Esther Friesner - author
March 26 Marthe Jocelyn - author
March 27 Waking Brain Cells
March 28
Sue Macy - author
March 29
Anita Silvey - author
March 30
Candace Fleming - author
March 31 Children's War
April 1 The Fourth Musketeer

I am very honored to be a part of this inaugural launch. It's nice to know that long after Women's History Month is over, all of these post will still be waiting to be found by even more readers.


Lindsay Cummings author said...

hi!! new follower from the YA book blog directory! love the blog and i'm excited to read more!!

follow me too?!

Audrey said...

Looking forward to reading your post, Doret!