Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dark Goddess - Sarwat Chadda

Dark Goddess by Sarwat Chadda
Billi SanGreal is the only female member of the Knights Templar. In this sequel to Devil's Kiss the action begins right away. Billi and another Templar are hunting a werewolf who is killing humans. Billi keeps the werewolf from killing Vasilisa, a little girl. They are known as Polenitsy - man killers, ancient warrior women of Eastern Europe. Vasilisa is Russian and a very powerful oracle. The Polenitsy want to sacrifice her to their goddess, Baba Yaga.

The Templars are able to keep Vasilisa safe for a few weeks until she's kidnapped under Billie's watch. The Templars go to Russia to try and get Vasilisa back. Once there they seek the help of the Bogatyrs, they've been around as long as the Templars. Billi wants to trust Alan the youngest member, and the future leader but doesn't know if she can.

This was a great page turner thanks to all the action and fight scenes. Plus I just really like Billi. She has a lot of internal and external struggle that feel real. I've been looking forward to this follow up for over a year, and it was worth the wait.

I highly recommend starting with Devil's Kiss. (which is out in paperback) And kudos to David Eustace and Jennifer Jackman for a wonderful cover

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I can't wait to check this one have tons of fab. reads up here! Love the site! :)