Monday, March 14, 2011

The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta

The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta
Ever since Thomas Mackee's uncle was killed by a suicide bomber, he hasn't been the same. Thomas is also coming to terms to what his father's violent actions did to his family. Thomas spends his days and nights drinking too much. All that hard living finally lands Thomas in the hospital and that's where the story begins. His roommates, who weren't real friends to begin with have kicked him out. No where else to go Thomas goes to stay with his aunt Georgie Finch. The story alternates between Thomas and Georgie. Though they are the two central characters the story is about the whole Finch Mackee family.

When I finished The Piper's Son the first time I was content and thought it was good. I figured the time had finally come that Marchetta wrote a book I didn't love and I was okay with that. I thought it was bound to happen eventually. Sure the odds are aganist the authors great streak of writing books I love continuing forever but it won't end with The Piper's Son.

The second time through it was a whole different story. I loved it. The first time in, I rushed it and didn't take the time to appreciate the nuances of the language. Once I slowed down I was able to fully connect with the characters and their emotions. Thomas and Georgie both feel very real. The fully developed friends and family add another dimension. Marchetta doesn't rush the story it simply unfolds naturally and that's where the magic comes from.

If you haven't read Marchetta before begin anywhere, you won't be dissappointed. If your a fan read Piper's Son. On Sunday March 20th, Marchetta will be signing at Books of Wonder along with 43 other YA authors.

Looking this over, I realize this isn't the best review. I simply don't want to break the story down too much, I like it whole. I am selfish like that.

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Unknown said...

Just picked this up from the library. Do you have to read Saving Francesca first? BTW, the European cover is very awesome.

Doret said...

No you don't have to read Saving Francesca first but it does help to understand Thomas friendship with Francesca and the others in their group.

Also to see how much Thomas has grown up. The Piper's Son is five years later.

Kate Evangelista said...


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