Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dragonbreth:Lair of the Bat Monster by Ursula Vernon

DragonBreath: Lair of the Bat Monster by Ursula Vernon
This is the fourth book in the Dragonbreath series. I enjoyed this one as much as the others. I loved it.

This time best friends, Danny a dragon, and Wendell, an iguana find an injured bat at pool. They take the bat back to Danny's to see is his mother can help. She tells them to take the bat to Danny's cousin Steve, a bat expert. Steve lives in Mexico, so once again Danny and Wendell will be taking the very reliable and unexplainable bus system all dragons use.

Steve's patches up the bat and teaches Danny and Wendell some nice bat facts. They even get to see the bat cave. A gigantic bat monster comes out of nowhere, scary everyone including the other bats. The bat monster takes Danny back to her lair. She thinks he's her son.

The author always keeps things interesting by changing it up a bit. In the third story Danny and Wendell didn't have to get on the bus, that was a first. In this one the Danny and Wendell were split up for the first time.

The back and forth between the best friends is one of the books many strengths. Yet Vernon decided to spilt them up it worked very well. Also it was a nice surprise to see that Wendell had to be the hero.

Even without the illustrations, this is a visually fun read. There's just the right amount of danger and laughs. Fans of Dragonbreath series will love this new addition. A great choice for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid


rhapsodyinbooks said...

What's the age group for these?

Doret said...

I'd say about 8 up. They are so good.

Charlotte said...

I have this one waiting for me!

And I agree, eight and up--my seven year old is not as keen on them as my ten year old is!