Friday, March 25, 2011

The Time Traveling Fashionista - Bianca Turetsky

The Time Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky
12 yr old Louise Lambert loves vintage fashion. She buys all of her clothes at thift shops. When Louise recieves a mysterious invitation to a traveling vintage fashion sale, she goes in search of the perfect dress for a dance.

The traveling sale is run by two very strange woman. Louise finally finds the perfect dress, trying it on takes her back to 1912. Louise wakes up on a cruise ship, everyone is calling her Miss Baxter. Lousie has no idea wants going on but decides to enjoy her time on the ship that seems to have everything, even an elevator. When Louise finally realizes she's on the titantic, it's time to go. She must figure out a way and fast. The Time Traveling Fashionista was so much fun. I love when an author allows the reader to feel their main characters passion for whatever it is they like. Turetsky, did just that with Louise and fashion.

"When Louise wasn't scouring the two local thrift stores, she was online researching different designers and eras. A well worn copy of Shopping for Vintage: The Definitive Guide to Fashion, a surprisingly perfect birthday gift from Grandpa Leo, was conveniently placed on her bedside table, so that if she dreamed of a particular outfit, which she often did, she could look it up before it disappeared from her mind's eye. The book also gave her lots of tips for collecting vintage and a directory of all the best vintage stores throughout the world. She would read through the shop listings on nights when she couldn't fall asleep. It was much more effective than counting sheep."

It wasn't the great fashion description that pulled me in, it was Louise. She's a very likable character. The author takes the time to development Louise's storyline before she's transported back in time.

When I first heard about The Time Traveling Fashionista, my first thought was, how smart could this girl be if she didn't know she was on the titantic. I had some serious doubts if this could be pulled off. Once Louise travels back, I am quickly proven wrong. The cruise is only refered to as The White Star Line. It's only after Louise finally catches a glimpse of the word titanic on an invitation that she knows what's about to happen. Before that Louise was having a great time as Alice Baxter, a teenage silent movie star. She flirts with a young Guggenhiem and meets a few fashion icons like Lucy Duff-Gordon.

The author surrounds Louise with great characters in the present and the past. In the present Louise's has her best friend Brooke. In the past she befriends Alice Baxter's maid Anna. There are some great fashion skectches included. I am reviewing the unfinished copy so the color is still to come. Though there is still much presence with the black and white drawings. It's a very nice extra for a wonderful story. Ages 10 up.

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