Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shooting Kabul N.H. Senzai

Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai
12 yr old Fadi and his family must leave their home in Kabul for the United States. With the ongoing war, Afghanistan is no longer safe and Fadi's mother needs medical attention. The family, Fadi's parents and two sisters. Noor is the oldest of the three, Mariam the youngest.

The family must make their escape at night. Many people are trying to get out of Kabul. In the mass rush to get on a truck, Mariam is left behind The family is heartbroken but they must continue on to the U.S. If they go back they could be imprisoned. At different times, everyone blames themselves for what happened to Mariam. Though Fadi feels the most guilt, since he was in charge of watching his younger sister.

In San Francisco, Fadi worries about Miriam while adjusting to living in a new country. The family is doing everything it can to locate Mariam. Fadi takes some comfort in his photography class. He believes winning a competition will help get his sister back.

Fadi is very good with a camera. In Kabul, Fadi's father taught him to love photography. I really appreciated Fadi's love and knowledge of photography. Fadi relationships with his family is well drawn especially his interaction with Noor.

After September 11th Fadi is beat up by two bullies who pick on immigrant students. There is an large Afghanistan committee in San Francisco, the author does a good job of getting across the new tenisons.

Mariam being left could've easily torn the family apart but they never pointed fingers at anyone but themselves. Mariam is found in the end. I really liked Fadi, I found him to be a very realistic character. Fadi's relationships with his family are well drawn especially his interaction with Noor.

Shooting Kabul is a wonderful debut and well worth the read. An excerpt

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Sarah Rettger said...

Is this a new release? I've heard nothing about it, but it sounds intriguing!

Doret said...

Yes Sarah this was just released.

We have it in stock now, so I wrote up the review. But the offical release date is June 22.

Barrie said...

You write the best book reviews! I never know what gems I'm going to find over here!

Doret said...

Thanks Barrie