Friday, June 25, 2010

koyal dark, mango sweet Kashmira Sheth

Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet by Kashmira Sheth
Set in contemporary Mumbai, India, 16 yr old Jeeta is the youngest girl of three. Jeeta parents are traditional and believe in finding the right husband for their daughter. Jeeta's knows once her sisters Nimitia and Mohini are married, it will be her turn.

I loved Jeeta. She's a smart, independent thinker. Jeeta also did her best not to let being called too dark skinned get to her. Jeeta has a close relationship with her sisters, especially Mohini. Sheth avoids drawing the parents as villains. They are well rounded characters, that aren't defined by this act of tradition. Its easy to see how much Jeeta's parents love their children.

Jeeta falls for Neel, a boy she never expected to see again but does. Jeeta doesn't know what to do but she can't tell her parents. They wouldn't approve especially her mother. Jeeta must find a way to get her parents to understand she is not ready to get married yet.

This is a wonderfully told story. Sheth's writing grab me from the beginning. I highly recommend this one, especially for fans of The Secret Keeper by Mitali Perkins

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yuan said...

8DDD I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I'm getting a copy of this novel sometime next week, so excited!