Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sisters Red Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red Jackson Pearce
I love this cover. The artist behind it goes by the name Strawberryluna. As far as I can tell Strawberryluna designs mainly posters. I think this is their first book cover. Hopefully it won't be their last. There are alot YA readers in the bookstore I work at, including myself I'd say about seven. When Sisters Red came in, E, a YA reading co-worker told me that Pearce had stopped in to sign stock. Part of the novel is set in Atlanta. (giving it a local connection) And since E. loved it, I moved it up my queue. It was worthy of the jump.

When Scarlett March is 11 yrs old and Rosie March is 9 yrs old a werewolves knocks on their grandmothers door. Werewolves are handsome, charming desired and are known as Fenris. The sisters don't recognize the Fenris for what he is and let him into the house. The Fenris kills their grandmother. Scarett loses an eye, and her body is scarred protecting Rosie.
If little red riding hood survived the attack and had a sister, you'd have Sisters Red

The sisters hunt Fenris. They are the bait, wearing red capes and flowery perfume walking down isolated streets to attract and kill. Scarett likes to use a hatchet, knives are Rosie's weapon of choice. Silas is Scarlett's hunting partner. Their families have known each other forever. The three move from their small GA town to Atlanta when Fenris numbers get out of control. The Fenris are searching for the next Fenris "the potential" they will know him by scent.

The chapters alternate between the sisters. Scarlett and Rosie both have very distinct voices and personalities. Scarlett's dedicated her life to the hunt. It defines her and she's very good at it. Rosie understands why hunting is important but wants more. She struggles with how much she owes Scarlett for saving her life.

Two things stand out for me early. 1) The grandmother, Oma March screaming in German. It may seem like a small thing but I appreciate that the author gave her characters roots. 2) The sisters financial struggles. They must pawn a few items to pay for their half of the rent in a crappy apartment in a dangerous neighborhood. When characters have to worry about essentials like food and shelter it adds another dimension to the story for me.

Scarlett and Silas are partners and very good friends. When Silas gets involved with Rosie it changes the dynamic of all three relationships. Sisters Red has two strong female, wevewolves fighting, heroines who refuse to wait to be saved, even when cornered. Its been a week since I read Sisters Red, and the more I think about it the more I like it.
Though I do wish the March sisters had more interaction with other people. I think this would allow the reader to get to know the sisters a little better, and give a better feel for their surroundings. I was also surprised the March sisters and Silas didn't run into any other Fenris hunters in Atlanta. In a small town its understandable that there wouldn't be any more. Though in a big city I would expect others to see the truth behind the Fenris human mask and what to fight it.

From the beginning its clear that the author's approach is different. And that is why I
will keep on recommending Sisters Red.*

I've actually discussed Sisters Red a few times with two of my coworkers* who have also read it. Many things come up, including the ending. I (or we) love what Pearce did with it. Its one of the best endings I've read all year.

*I do plan on milking the did you know part of this story is set in Atlanta line for all its worth.
*we've also discussed how we plan to stalk, I mean pay Pearce a lot of not creepy in anyway attention.


Amanda G said...

Doret, I came in the store yesterday to use my coupon, and I got this. I'm excited to read it!

Doret said...

Very cool. Its a great read, enjoy it. Peidmont Park may never look the same again.

Colleen said...

Liz (over at Chair, Fireplace & Tea Cozy) really liked this one also. I'm thinking I need to get my hands on a copy now for sure!

Doret said...

Colleen - its really good.