Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Red Lollipop Rukhsana Khan - Sophie Blackwell

Big Red Lollipop by Rukhsana Khan and Sophie Blackall
Rubina very exicited, she been invited to her first birthday party. Rubina's mother doesn't understand the idea of birthday parties, its not something they celebrate in their culture. Rubina must take her younger sister Sana to the party. Rubina is very embrassed to show up with her sister. Sana cries during musical chairs. When the party is over everyone gets a little gift bag, that has a big red lollipop.

Sana's eats her's right away. Rubina saves and dreams about for big red lollipop. The next day Rubina discovers that Sana's has eaten all but a small triangle of the lolliop. Rubina is very upset, she chases Sana around the house. Sana runs behind their, Ami. Being the older sister Rubina must be the bigger person.

Soon, Sana's turn comes. She's invited to her first birthday party. Ami, says she must take her younger sister Maryam. Sana, begs and pleads but it doesn't work. Rubina could sit back, and say nothing but she speaks up for Sana. Rubina tells their Ami not to make Sana take Maryam to the party. When Sana comes back from the party she gives Rubina a lollipop as a thank you.

I loved Big Red Lollipop. Khan's makes you feel for Rubina, the oldest of three sisters.
"Sana runs to the fridge and brings back the triangle stuck to the stick. "Look"! I didn't eat all of your lollipop I left the triangle for you!"

See? says Ami. " She didn't eat all of it. She's sharing with you! Go ahead. Take the Triangle." So I have to take it.

Khan's text and Blackwell's illustrations are a perfect match, I love both equally. The families culture can be seen in the text and illustrations. Sophie Blackwell is most known for illustrating the best selling Ivy&Bean series. This is one of my favorite picture books of the year. Ages 4 up

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Anonymous said...

I was curious to read what you thought of this book. I felt so bad for the main character in this book (Rubina, I believe). I felt like that was a sign that this was a good book. I like Khan's writing style quite a bit, and this was the first picture book of hers that really pulled me in emotionally. I included The Big Red Lollipop on my list of 60 not-to-be-missed picture books: