Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Boneshaker Kate Milford

The Boneshaker by Kate Milford
First, I love this cover. It screams pick me up and look at me. There is a lot going but there's a focual point so its not too busy. My appreciation for this cover grew after I finished Boneshaker. Andrea's Offermann's captured the characters perfectly. The illustrations within are just as wonderful

Set in 1913 Missouri. 13 yr old Natalie Minks lives in the small town of Arcane. Natalie's father owns a bicycle shop, the best for miles. Natalie got her love of machines from her father. Natalie has a new bike with a mind of its own, a boneshaker. She has ridden many bikes but the boneshaker is different, Its fights and wins everytime. Natalie body is bruised all over with her failed attempts. Natalie's mother is a storyteller. She knows all the stories of Arcane and makes them come to life.

Aracane is located on a crossroads where decisions must be made. Natalie is forced to make a few critical decisions when Dr. Jake Limberleg's Nostrum Fair and Technological Medicine show comes to town. Before they arrive Natalie finds her courage to speak to Tom Guyot (old Tom). She listens as Tom talks about confronting the devil. Tom's story alone is worth full price of this book. Milford succeeds in making the devil very real.

Before, I started, this novel, I thought it was going to be different and I was not disappointed. Milford's writing is beautifully layered. All good stories have a rhythm the great ones, you can actually feel it. Then there are novels like The Boneshaker, that are on yet another level. Milford's words have lyrical flow to go along with the rhythm.

In the end Natalie must come face to face with the devil. Milford doesn't rush the confrontation. The town of Arcane, its history and its residents are developed. Then there's strange Dr. Limberleg. Natalie takes a quick disliking to the doctor (and his show). Something isn't quite right with the Dr. Limberleg, Natalie can't quite figure it out. Milford does a great job of keeping Natalie and the reader in dark about Dr. Limberleg without draging it there. The Boneshaker has the right amount of fear, tension and creepy.

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Charlotte said...

I hope my copy turns up soon. I read thirty pages, and then it was swallowed by my book eating home...

Unknown said...

Just started this one. I now have a new enthusiasm. Thanks for the review.