Friday, May 14, 2010

The Wonder Book - Amy Krous Rosenthal, Paul Schmid

The Wonder Book by Amy Krous Rosenthal illus. by Paul Schmid
Rosenthal has made poetry fun with this collection.

Tinkle ,Tinkle
In the sea
Don't look under
While I pee

One of my favorite poems is Brat City, (its 10 stanza's)

I'll be your tour guide today
But these sites won't be pretty
So get comfy, have a seat
We're about to enter Brat City

You won't hear cars honking
Nor the clatter of fancy dining
In Brat City all you'll ever hear
Is the constant drone of whining.

You'll see there are no city limits
(The parents never set them)
You'll find the kids running wild
(The parents always let em)

The speak their own languages here
I Want is what it's called
That's how they start every sentence
Most visitors are appalled.

The Wonder Book is all in black and white, giving it a very open feel. Rosenthal's poems and Schmid's drawing compliment each other very well. One of the great things about poerty books, you don't have to nor are you expected to like every poem. All of these poems didn't work for me but many did. I even loved a few. The Wonder Book would make an excellent read aloud.

Read an excerpt

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

I'm so impressed that they know my family! :--)

Doret said...

Jill - They know many families.