Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scars C. A. Rainfield

Scars by C. A. Rainfield
15 yr old Kendra is being stalked by the man who sexually abused her as a child. Kendra doesn't know who abused her. She's talking about what happened to a therapist. Somehow Kendra's abuser knows and wants to scare Kendra into keeping quiet and not remembering. Kendra doesn't know who abused her. Kendra turns to cutting to cope

Kendra's voice is powerful. The author allows the reader to fully connect with and understand her fears. Right from the beginning when Kendra tells her therapist about being followed by her abuser, I was invested in her story.

Kendra's parents are worried about money. Kendra's mom has never been supportive always criticizing Kendra's only voice, her art. Kendra's dad is too busy worry about money to spend time with Kendra. He also feels shame over not being able to protect his daughter. Kendra doesn't have any emotional support at home. The same is true at school, until she meets Meghan. Kendra has been cutting for months, her parents never noticed. Meghan doesn't miss the scars. Kendra decide to trust Meghan with her secrets. Their friendship soon turns into a relationship.

There were many moments when I didn't think I could be any closer to Kendra. Her voice is sad beautiful and vulnerable. It easy to understand Kendra's need to cut. Kendra speaks through her art. On more than one occasion, the healing power of expressing oneself through art is mentioned. Reinfield doesn't realy on any tricks, she simply tells a story. Her writing is honest and real. Kendra's story will hit you hard.

Kendra's had some wonderfully tender moments with Meghan. In the beginning I didn't really believe in Kendra and Meghan's relationship. By the end I believed and loved it. When Kendra comes face to face with her abuser, I could almost feel her fear through the pages. That scene and Kendra will stay with me for a long time.


Jodie said...

This sounds quite good, sensitive books about cutting are hard to find as they tend to hit melodrama.

Doret said...

Jodie it is really good. Its based off of the author's own experience.