Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Mosley

Dear Mr. Mosley

Hello, my is Doret but please feel free to call me a fan. I know you are a busy man so I won't take up too much of your time. I love your new mystery series staring Leonid McGill. All of my attention should be on the ex- boxer, PI who is trying to play by the rules again. Though I must confess I am distracted by McGill 's 16 yr old son Twill. I blame this on you, Mr. Mosley, you are simply too good at what you do.

"Once a week or so as a rule, I perused Twill's personal emails. I did this because Twill, for all his superior qualities was a natural born criminal. He didn't hurt people physically but he was a whiz at getting in and out of locked rooms, performing internet scames on children of his age. He had at least seventeen seperate email addresses"

"Twill had a small scar under his chin, a blemish from a tumble he took as a toddler. I often thought that that little protuberant flaw made him even more prefect telling the world that, this handsome representation of a man was human too."

As you well know you gave much more Twill than that, in The Long Fall and Known Evil. Maybe other readers won't see the goodness and potential that is Twill. But, I enjoy a good young adult novel as much as a good mystery.

So please Mr. Mosley consider giving Twill his own series. He would definitely stand out, a contemporary mystery featuring a mixed race teen. Before you say no, sleep on it and talk to your people. (with your extensive body of work, you must have a few people).

I do hope you will consider writing another young adult novel. Twill's voice would be new, exciting and much appreciated. Thanks again for the great new series. Leonid McGill is one of the best new additions to the mystery genre I've seen in awhile.



rhapsodyinbooks said...

Cute! I agree totally!

Jodie said...

I agree we could very much do with some more young adult mystery series. And it sounds like there's a kind of Hackers, political thriller possibility with Twill.

Doret said...

Jill and Jodie - Twill is well developed. He would stand alone in YA.