Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two of a Kind Jacqui Robbins Matt Phelan

Two of a Kind by Jacqui Robbins illus. by Matt Phelan
This is a wonderful story about two different friendships. Kayla and Melanie, whisper a lot and are only nice to each other. Julisa and Anna will let anyone play with them.

"Kayla and Melanie are two of a kind. That's what Kayla and Melanie say. Even our teacher, Ms. Becky, says it sometimes, like when Kayla and Melanie beg to be partners at work time.
"Julisa and I like to be partners too, but nobody calls us two of a kind. Ms. Becky does say, "Julisa, and Anna, can you help?" a lot. And we do."

In science class Kayla and Melanie make fun of Julisa's glasses, Anna pretends not to notice. Anna is teamed up with Melanie for the science experiment. Melanie is impressed with Anna's rainbow. Anna can now hang out with Melanie and Kayla.

I loved Two of a Kind. It's another great picture book featuring characters of color that has nothing to do with race. Its simply a story of a girl who decide if she likes spending time with the popular girls or her best friend. Julisa's voice is very clear and the dilemma well defined.

Phelan's illustrations are lovely and a perfect fit. I loved that the illustrator depicts Kayla and Melanie wearing matching outfits. He captures the emotions on everyone face. One any given page without reading the text, it's easy to tell what a character's feeling. Ages 5up

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Carolyn - Storytime Standouts said...

I agree with your review of Two of a Kind. I would recommend this book for children five years and up. I think the bullying-type behavior depicted will be best understood by school age children.