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Rich: A Dyamonde Daniel Book Nikki Grimes

Rich: A Dyamonde Daniel Book by Nikki Grimes

This is the second book in the Dyamonde Daniel early chapter series by award winning author Nikki Grimes. The first book Make Way by Dyamonde Daniel came out earlier this year.

The local library is sponsoring a poetry contest. The winner gets a check for a hundred dollars. Poetry isn't Dyamonde's thing so she won't enter the contest. Though her best friend Free is exicted and will try to win the cash prize. Dyamonde took the time to notice the other students who signed up for the contest. One girl is particular caught her attention, Damaris Dancer. Dyamonde, is determined to learn more this shy girl, who finally raised her hand. Dyamonde learns Damaris secret by accident while out shopping with her mom. Damaris's family lives in a shelter.

After Dyamonde promises not to tell the two become good friends. Dyamonde surprises Damaris with a book of poems. Eloise Greenfield's "Honey I Love" ( I did a little squeal when I saw this. Kudos to the author for seamlessly slipping in this wonderful classic) Free gets along very well with Damaris as well. The three have great friendship chemistry. One of the books strengths is the dialogue between the friends.

Dyamonde convinces Damaris to write a poem about living in a shelter. Damaris wins the contest. There is more to Rich, than Dyamonde having a new friend who happens to live in a shelter. This is a wonderful series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, and with this follow up book I've discovered new things to love. Ages 7up

Kirkus Review via the author's site

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