Sunday, November 1, 2009

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez
The first thing we learn about Apolonia (Lina), she collects socks.

"The lonely sock drawer is for those who have lost their partners. Most of the partners disappear in the washing machine or dryer. I can't explain it. Somewhere between the tossing and soaking and wringing, one gets lost. I don't know where it goes. Maybe aliens abduct it. Holey socks aren't for angels. They actually have holes, so I don't wear them anymore. Sometimes, these socks become puppets and sometimes they go to sock heaven where they can rest in peace with the socks I've outgrown."

From the beginning Lina's voice is strong, honest with a hint of humor. Lina's best friend Vanessa lives right across the street. The two friends are dealing with parents who are not at their best. Lina' mother died recently, and her dad doesn't know how to connect with her. Vanessa's father left her mother, now she hates men and won't stop watching Lifetime movies.

Lina and Vanessa look out for each other. The heart of the story is Lina and Lina's friendship with Vanessa. In both cases the author writing is thoughtful and believable. The girls come across as the 8th graders they are suppose to be. Lina's dad teaches English and loves books. Lina is failing English. One of my favorite parts are Lina's class assignments for the novel Watership Down. She isn't using reading the book. Lina is using the assignment as an outlet for some of her frustrations.

Lopez writes with a natural ease. I think there is a quiet goodness to Confetti Girl and it all begins with Lina. This would make a wonderful book club selection.

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This sounds absolutely adorable~~ Definitely going on my to-read list. =D