Monday, November 16, 2009

The Monstrumologist Rick Yancey

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey
This book was perfectly scary and not for squeamish readers. (it should come with a warning label). This is the journal writings of 12yr old Will Henry, an assitant to Dr. Warthrop a monstrumologist. Dr. Warthrop is a member of a small group of men who study monsters, specifically Anthropophagi. Their only source of food are humans. A new breed has been discovered in a graveyard not far from Dr. Warthop's house. I loved this book, the author allows the reader to see every creepy detail.

"Dr. Warthrop reached into the thing's chest with the forceps. I heard the scraping of the metal against something hard - an exposed rib? As he spoke, the doctor tapped thin strips of flesh from the forceps into the metal tray, dark and stringy, like half cured jerky, a piece of white material clinging to one or two of the strands, and I realized he wasn't peeling off pieces of the monster's flesh: the flesh belonged to the face and neck of the girl. I looked down between my outstrectched arms, to the spot where the doctor worked, and saw he had not been scraping at an exposed rib. He had been cleaning the thing's teeth."

The Monstrumologist is for anyone wondering where have all the horror books gone. Its a must for young readers who are budding horror fans. Ages 14up

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