Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) Lisa Yee Dan Santat

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee illus. by Dan Santat
Bobby Ellis Chan is looking forward to starting fourth grade. His best friend is Holly Harper. Though they're at that awkward age when boys and girls don't mix so its a secret. Bobby and Holly have a back to school tradition, rock hunting the day before the first day of school. This year though Holly has other plans. Bobby is surprised and little disappointed to learn that Holly has started to hang out with Jillian, a girly girl.

I loved Bobby and his family. I really appreciated the author going against gender norms. Bobby's dad is a former professional football player, turned stay at home dad. He's trying to defeat static cling but has taken to the new job. Bobby's older sister is the QB on her high school football team. After Bobby's pet fish dies, he cries. It very rear to see a boy cry in the open. I thought Yee did a wonderful job with this scene and the set up for it. Since Holly is spending so much time with Jillian, Bobby starts telling his secrets to Rover. A child who has lost a pet will understand Bobby's tears and won't think he shouldn't be crying because he's a boy.

At school the boys and girls banned together against the opposite sex. Bobby somehow finds himself in the middle of everything. He and Holly are challenging each other for student council. The two must make campaign poster to display in class. While making his poster, Bobby goofs off, makes a funny picture of Holly. After Bobby's friend Sanjay Kapur (Chess), accidentally the poster on the funny face Holly side, Bobby gets in trouble. All the girls are very angry with him, especially Jillian.

Bobby vs Girls (Accidentally) is my first Lisa Yee novel and I really enjoyed it. The author has created very realistic characters, dialogue and situations. This would make a wonderful choice for a boy/girl book club. Ages 8up

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Lisa Yee said...

Thank you for your kind words!

yuan said...

Wow, this sounds adoooorable!! Will definitely check it out.