Monday, August 31, 2009

What Do I Read Next

What Do I Read Next is a new feature I am doing with Susan @ Color Online. The idea is to get more people to read teen books with people of color by focusing on a theme and giving suggestions. WDRIN will post every Monday at Color Online This week we focus on bullying. I've come to realize finding books will not always be easy. We can't just Amazon or google search "bullying young adult fiction - people of color." I tired, several times and came up empty each time. So its simply a matter of Susan and I being familiar with the book already. That being said, we won't know everything. So if you know of a book that fits the criteria that week but wasn't mentioned, leave it in the comment box. If you've read one of the mentioned books, tell us what you thought of it in the comment box. If you have any ideas for future WDIRN features (you guessed it) tell us in the comment box. Basically tell us something. Now go check out WDIRN


Color Online said...

Thanks for posting this here. I think we're doing okay, two weeks in. :-)

Zetta said...

Great theme choice--it's horrifying how serious the consequences of bullying can be.