Saturday, August 15, 2009

After Amy Efaw

After by Amy Efaw Devon's the star goalie on her high school soccer team and a straight A student but that was before. Now Devon might be charged as an adult for throwing her new born baby in the trash. Efaw spent much time with Devon creating a character who feels very close to real. The reader will follow Devon through the After, when she is taken to the hospital, where they must remove the umbilical cord that is still inside or when Devon is taken to the juvenile detention center as well as the hearing to determine if Devon will be charged as an adult. Devon's court appointed lawyer, Dom cares so she has a chance. The court room drama is excellent.

"Devon consciously keeps her head down to avoid eye contact with the man as he steps to the front of the courtroom, swearing with his right hand raised that his testimony will be the truth, and seats himself on the witness stand- a square wooden enclosure with a chair inside, situated below and to the left of the judge. She wonders what he's here to say about her, who he is. She risks a peek up at him and sees that the man is directly in front of her and sitting surprisinlgy close to her. In fact other than Dom, he is sitting closer to her than any other person in the courtroom. Their eyes meet briefly. His narrow slightly, his lips turn down with distaste. Devon feels a cold prick inside her chest and quickly drops her face back down to her yellow pad, her cheeks burning"

When news stories about a mother putting her new born baby in the trash come on, everyone always ask how could they do that? With this novel, Efaw does a beautiful job of answering how. We get to know both Devon's before and after, some may not be able to forgive what she did but there should at least be understanding. After is an intense read but well worth it. Ages 14up


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I did an interview on Tavis Smiley and mentioned L.A. Banks in relation to Stephenie Meyers. Already received an email from someone asking for YA suggestions for nieces who loved Twilight. Sending her here! Interview link is

Anonymous said...

Is this not written in first person?? I also want to ask what happens to the infant, guess I'll read to find that out!