Thursday, June 25, 2009

Toeshoe Trouble Whoopi Goldberg

Toeshoe Trouble by Whoopi Goldberg. This is the second book in the Sugar Plum Ballerina series. I loved the first one, Sugar Plum Ballerinas, my review. The sugar plum ballerinas are a group of eight friends who met at ballet class. The first book features Alexandrea, the new girl. Toeshoe Trouble is Brenda's story. Brenda loves dance like the rest of the ballerinas and wants to be a doctor. Her idol is Leonardo da Vinci. Brenda's rich cousin, Tiffany comes to stay for a few days. Tiffany is always bragging about all her expensive things. Brenda wants Tiffany to feel a little jealous of her for a change, so she tells her she owns a pair of Camilla Freeman, toeshoes. The other sugar plums help Brenda, "borrow", Ms Debbe's (teacher) prized Freeman toeshoes. The shoes are ruined. The sugar plums must figure out a way to replace the shoes or Brenda will be kicked out of dance class. Toeshoe Trouble is as enjoyable as the first one I like that these friends share a love of ballet, but they're allowed to have individual interest. With so many girls to choose from it will be easy for a young girl to find a character or two to relate to. Of course it works out in the end, its a lot of fun watching how. Ages 7up

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