Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching Fire Suzanne Collins (This is not a review)

Catching Fire: The Second Book of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins- This is not a review. Anyone who reads YA fiction knows how popular the Hunger Games book was last year. (for those who don't I'll say Harry Potter big) At the store I work at six people have read and LOVED Hunger Games. We've all been looking forward to the September release of Catching Fire. I never ever thought the bookstore I work at would get an ARC but we did and I MISSED IT. It was the one time I wished my co-workers didn't realize what goodness could be found in YA. But luckily, the person who got it is letting the book make the rounds. I am third person to read it the second in the store. I was reading Catching Fire on the way to work today and I put it away as soon as I entered the store I didn't want flaunt the book in front of my co-workers who are a few weeks from reading it. That would just be mean. I am usually very rough on arcs not this one, I treated it very well because it must make the rounds and find it way back to its owner. I didn't eat or drink around it. I would only lay it down flat not spine open. The only thing I didn't do was wear gloves. Right now its under a large book to get the close shape back.
Whenever I thought of putting the book down something unexpected would happen and I'd have to keep reading. Sometimes the second book in a series will fall flat, reading like a transnational book preparing the reader for the upcoming action of the third book. Catching Fire has the strength of the first book. I loved it. I plan on reading the finished book in September. Copies of this arc are being sold on ebay, this totally sickens me. The author has written a wonderful series and this is how people thank her, by buying or selling an unfinished copy which she will receive no financial compensation for. I don't understand why anyone would pay $40 for an unfinished work in paper back no less. Why should someone who got a arc for free profit from it? Too bad there's no way to track the sellers and buyers. Would it be lovely if someone from Scholastic purchased one of these arcs. Like Hunger Games, this will be a best seller, Collins should get credit for every sale.


Unknown said...

Ah Doret, I can't believe you would flaunt it in front of us though! J/K! I can't wait to get this book. I've already pre-ordered it!

Ali said...

I can only hope the people willing to pay $40 on ebay are collectors who will also want a finished copy.

I, for one, refuse to read this series until all 3 are out. Partly because everyone I know who has finished one book shrieks about how they can't wait so long for the next one, and partly because the premise doesn't appeal to me so it's easy to wait. (But so many people have loved it, that I'm sure I'll read at least the first book eventually!)

Doret said...

KB- I almost didn't post this, but I knew I wasn't going to put anything about the plot.

Ali- Sometimes its nice to read a series when all the books are out.