Monday, June 8, 2009

The Ghost Sonata (Gilda Joyce) Jennifer Allison

The Ghost Sonata (Gilda Joyce) by Jennifer Allison To read Gilda Joyce is to love Gilda Joyce. This is the third book in the series. 13 yr old Gilda is a practicing psychic investigator. She doesn't seek out cases they simply find her. I love Gilda she's smart, independent, sassy with an interesting fashion sense. Allison's done a wonderful job of fostering friendship between Gilda Joyce and her best friend Wendy Choy. In this third book, Wendy Choy's character is no longer secondary. She is chosen to compete in a music competition in England. Resourceful Gilda finds a way to make the trip, as the official page turner. Before they arrive in England, Wendy has these awful dreams, and an unknown piece of music keeps playing in her head. At the competition unexplainable things keep happening, like contestants finding tarots card depicting death. Together Gilda and Wendy solve the mystery. I haven't read the fourth book yet, (which is out now) so this answer will probably change but right now this is my favorite in the series. This one is slightly darker and more intense.
Allison's writing is layered and wonderful.

"Gilda huddled under the covers and listened to the gurgling and rumbling of pipes and the hissing of radiators in the old house. It's like being trapped inside the digestive system of an old gassy person, she thought. "

I was trying to think of something smart before sharing these next few lines but I came up empty.

"Wendy, I don't think you're weird at all. I just think you're crazy." "The thing I love about your jokes, Gilda is that they're so well timed. It's like you can tell I'm just sitting here wishing that someone would make fun of me as my entire life falls apart"

This series is perfect for tweens or 10 yr olds who are looking for a more sophisticated read. Yes, you can start with this one but I highly recommend starting with the first book. Do not cheat a young reader out of all the goodness that is Gilda Joyce.


Anonymous said...

The writing does sound really good - I'm interested to read it myself! Great review!

Karen Strong said...

I LOVE the Gilda Joyce series. It's hilarious! I hope that Jennifer Allison writes another book in the series.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Enola Holmes mysteries? I haven't read either Gilda or Enola but they seem to both pop up for this age group and I was wondering how they compare.

A 5th going into 6th grader came in yesterday and her mother was looking for series suggestions for her. If she comes back in I'll definitely recommend this one.


Doret said...

rhapsodyinbooks - You'll love Gilda

Karen- The fourth book is out now

bookworm4life- I haven't heard of Enola Holmes mysteries, will have to check them out.