Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surf Mules G. Neri

Surf Mules by G. Neri Growing up Logan's two best friends and surfing partners were Fin and Z-Boy. Recenlty Logan's and Fin's friendship has been strained before they can work it out Fin's killed by a wave. Logan and Z-Boy are approached by a young drug dealer named, Broza with a chance to make some quick cash as mules. Z-Boy feels this is his only options and quickly says yes. Logan is unsure, though he eventually says yes, in hopes of relieving some of the financial pressure from his mother. Logan and Z-Boy drive cross country from California to Flordia, in a car lined with pot. I loved how well this story moved. I thought the beginning was great, the author places readers right in the middle of the action. Logan and Z-Boy are in Texas and have a run in with some Texas surfers. I was quickly intrigued by Texas surfers, a car chase and a bloody nose. Thanks to that fast start, Neri has made Surf Mules hard to put down, even for the most reluctant readers. Logan's plans to go to college after graduation are put on hold thanks to his fathers gambling debt. Logan wants to do this run once, with Z-Boy. Z-Boy believes this is a start to one day taking over for Broza. I really enjoyed Surf Mules. The characters have a very realistic feel to them. On Logan's and Z-Boy's trip, there is heart behind the well paced action. The author takes the time to develop secondary characters like Broza making it that much more interesting.
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Apryl DeLancey said...

Yay! Surfing! I would love to see more action sports-themed books reviewed. I like to get my nephews (and niece) books that have a sports theme.

Doret said...

You'll enjoy this one Apryl. There's female surfer, Logan starts a releationship with, and they even get a chance to catch some waves.