Thursday, June 4, 2009

Give A Book For My Return.

Finally a new post. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Susan from Color Online has announced the summer book drive for Alternatives for Girls library. Why give here? Because its a small library, and one book will be appreciated as much as 10. Because its a small library, and when your book arrives, Susan won't say, "oh its just another book and drop it to the send to sit for weeks." No Susan will tear that package open and say "Yes another book with a silent thank you to the sender" Because its a small library there is no red tape. There's not of that oh there's Gay character we can't use this, or they said the F word, thanks but no thanks. All realities are welcome. Your donations are going straight to small D Town library and will be appreciated read and loved upon arrival. The Book Drive


Color Online said...

You so get me. lol Every package is treated like the gift it is. I do squeal, smile and say a silent thank you. And yeah, we put books on the shelves pretty quickly. Everything we do, revolves around getting books into our girls' hands.

Thanks, Doret.

Doret said...

Your Welcome, BTW loving the diversity of the bookselves in the background.