Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reading Coincidences

Many times the same/similar character names will appear in back to back books. I've asked a few of my co-workers if this happens to them but they all said, no. I was also told I needed to add a little nonfiction to my reading diet so this wouldn't happen. Though I find this similar/same name coincidence very strange, and no I am not talking about the name Hannah since that's a very popular YA name. Lets take the last book I just finished Chameleon by Charles Smith and one I've just started Say the Word by Jeannine Garsee. Chameleon came out in 2008, it wasn't even on my reading radar, (because I didn't know about it )but I was returning a book to the library,it was there so I check it out. Its set in the 80's in L.A about four teenagers who hang out in Compton. The main characters name is Shawn. Now cut to today, I start Say the Word, which was definitely on reading radar. About a 17yr old must deal with the death of her estranged lesbian mother. The main characters name is Shawna. I mean come on, what are the chances I would read these back to back. They are both books I'd read, but doesn't everything have to be aligned correctly for this to happen. Then you factor in the whole library check out thing, and the odds get smaller. I've been to that library branch before and I've never seen Chameleon until that day. If your thinking this only happens because I read so much YA, well you'd be mistaken, cause I can continue the connection. I recently finished Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead. Its set in the 80's. Whitehead tells how teenage boys would scream out Dang for any injustice. Throwing in a few good Dangs to prove his point. Now let me rewind back to Chameleon which thanks to being set in the 80's ,Shawn and his friends said Dang, a lot. So I again I ask you what are the chances I would read Chameleon and Sag Harbor within the same week. Mind you Sag Harbor isn't due to come out in April. Do these reading coincidences happen to anyone else?


Colleen said...

I've been thinking about checking out Sag Harbor - I really enjoyed The Intuitionist and while I struggled a bit with John Henry Days it was still a fascinating read. What did you think?

Doret said...

I loved Sag Harbor and its great suggestion for older teens.