Sunday, March 22, 2009

Magic Thief Lost Sarah Prineas

Magic Thief #02: The Magic Thief: Lost by Sarah Prineas, This is one of the sequels I was really looking forward to this year and it did not dissappoint. I loved Magic Thief. Prineas has created a excellent character in Connwaer (Conn) , he's street and book smart, far from perfect, honest, an expert thief/ lock picker and connected to the magic of city. This book begins where the first one left off. The city of Wellmet is being attacked by Shadowmen who are turning people into stone. Conn must figure out who is sending them. To give you more then that I'd have to go over book one and thats just too much work. Though I will say I love this series and the characters. Its reluctant reader friendly. The author includes some very nice sword fights in book two . I am not a big fantasy fan so if you know a young reader who is anti fantasy put The Magic Thief in their hands. Its a fun action fulled fantasy with a mystery wrapped inside.
Ages 9up

Check out Magic Thief Site and read the first chapter in book one.
Magic Thief Lost -scheduled release date is 5/12

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