Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Fold An Na

The Fold by An Na What is beauty? In every country the measure of beauty varies. The Fold opens with the main character, Joyce stressing over a pimple before school. I loved this beginning, no matter who you are or where your parents are from everyone can relate to pimples. Its the last day, Joyce wants to look perfect when she ask her crush John Ford Kong, one of the few popular Koreans in school to sign her yearbook. John mistakes Joyce for the least put together Korean girl in school. Joyce is devastated by this and begins to question her beauty. Not soon after Joyce Aunt Gomo wins the lottery. She gotten so much work done, Joyce and her younger brother, Andy call her Michael behind her back. Gomo shares are winnings with the family, buying them all self improvement gifts. Andy is given shark liver extract pills, so he can grow taller and play in the NBA. Joyce's dad is given lifts in his shoes. There is one day when half the family is injured thanks to the gifts. Gomo offers Joyce Blepharoplasty or plastic surgery to give the appearance of an extra crease in her eye fold. It would make Joyce's eyes look bigger giving her a more American look. I really enjoyed The Fold, Joyce goes back and forth about having the surgery but the author never forgets she's telling a story. The Fold will have a reader laughing, while considering what beauty is and what they're willing to change for it. Joyce is a very likeable and real character. An Na surrounds her with a wonderful caring family and a great best friend in Gina. Ages 12up

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Mary Ann Scheuer said...

This sounds like a great book. Thanks for the suggestion. I like the way you share the funny parts of it along with what makes it thought-provoking and universal.