Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mighty Casey James Preller Matthew Cordell

Mighty Casey by James Preller, illustrator Matthew Cordell I've been a very bad bad blogger. I like to check my site stats to see if and why people visit. For the past few weeks people have found their way to my blog searching baseball poems for the post a did a while back on Gene Fehler new book Change-Up Baseball Poems. I saw the hits for baseball poems, I was like cool I'll post my Might Casey review, give the people what they want. Somehow the weeks past no post. Luckily people still want baseball poems, so though this is late its not to late.
Now on to Might Casey
There is something very loveable about this team from page one. The Delmar Dogs are taking a team photo, no ones playing attention to the camera. One kid is watching a butterfly, one is sniffing his shoe that appears to have an odor, and another is reading a comic book. The Delmar Dogs are a pretty awful baseball team they do try. Still winless and down 5 runs, the teams worse player Casey Jenkins will not give in

On a team that was truly
awful, one player stood out
little Casey Jenkins was
the worst by far no doubt
It's unkind to speak ill
of a batter who can't hit
So, um, gee that Casey
he sure coud chew and spit

Inspired by Casey the team gives it their all. Turns out to be a good game with a play at the plate. Preller's words are fun and silly. The various mishaps The Delmar Dogs get into are sure to keep young listeners entertained. I know they'll laugh out loud when they see the left fielder peeing in the out field. (it really does look like pee) or another player climbing a tree. Cordell's illustrations are great, he gives life to the Delmar Dogs. From the beginning Cordell establishes who each player is in the team photo. I am in love with the illustrators detail. When a player taps his cleats clean. "tap tap" appears above the bat and you can also see the dirt falling from the shoes. I know its a little thing but it adds so much. Everytime a player swings, words appear above the bat like "Pop, Ding, Whop, or Ting" Reminding me of the old Batman cartoons on televison. Prellers text and Cordell's illustrators are a perfect fit. For kids who say they hate poetry they may change their minds after reading/hearing Mighty Casey. It makes a perfect read aloud. Ages 4up


susan said...

Doret, Come pick up your Splash Award.

Injury Lawyer Austin said...

Mighty Casey is an adorable, funny, rhyming take on the sometimes dour classic tale of a bumbling ball players. This team of misfits will appeal to anyone who has ever participated in or watched a children's sports team. The incompetence of the players is humorous, and the drawings bring the team of lovable losers to life. Children will be thrilled with the silly scenes, particularly the one of the boy peeing on a fence(!), and will cheer at the winning ending.