Friday, March 20, 2009

FlyGirl Sherri Smith

Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith Last month I won contest over at diversity rocks. The prize a book of my choice and it was very easy decision. I've been wanting to read Flygirl for awhile now, its getting great reviews from other bloggers. I made the right choice, Flygirl is an excellent read. Ida Mae Jones dreams of flying but its the 1940's, she's Black and she's not a man. When her Ida Mae's dad was alive he taught her to fly. Ida Mae sprays the family crops with the small family plane but its not enough. America enters WWII, everyone must sacrifice for the war effort, meaning no gas for the plane. Ida Mae's older brother Thomas enlist in the war. Ida Mae wants to do more than collect stockings to help end the war and bring her brother home. Ida Mae wants to fly planes for the army and she won't let her race or gender stop her from living her dream. She makes the difficult decision to pass for White and joins the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). There are many things to love about Flygirl, like the historical fiction aspect. Smith shares the history of the WASP program and its pioneers like Jackie Cochran and Nancy Love. Smith smoothly fits in this information hearing about Bessie Coleman doesn't slow the pace of the novel. Early on the author gives the reader a great idea of who Ida Mae is, her close connection to her family and best friend, Jolene. Making it easier to understand how much harder it is for Ida Mae to pass, because to pass means denying the people she loves. Though Ida Mae got her families blessing she still questions if she made the right choice. In the WASP program Ida Mae makes some very close friends with two other flygirls Lily and Patsy. I loved the care Smith took in building these friendships. It reminds me of another book I loved Freefall by Levine. Smith allows the reader to hear Ida Mae's fears and doubt, has she juggles two identities. Ages 10up

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Ali said...

Oh good, I'm so glad you liked it. Mine (library copy) is sitting on the top of my pile, calling to me!

Doret said...

Library copy? Am jealous, wish my library got such great new releases.

Ali said...

I'm really lucky! We have a huge library system here in Portland and they do buy a lot of new books. Unfortunately, no Leaving Glorytown or A Wish After Midnight, though.