Friday, April 27, 2012

Giants Beware - Jorge Aguirre, Rafael Rosado

 Giants Beware by Jorge Aguirre, illus. by Rafael Rosado After Claudette hears the story of the giant who loved baby feet and terrorized her village she wants nothing more then to slay it. Claudette goes on this quest with her best friend Marie, a princess training and Gaston, her younger brother who wants to be a pastry chef.  Aguirre has created some wonderful characters. I love the author ignores traditional gender roles, making Claudette the hero.  At the same time, Claudette's best friend wants nothing more than to be a princess.  While Claudette may not understand why any girl would want to be a princess she still supports are friend.  The fact that the author doesn't feel the need  to show princesses in a bad light in order to play up Claudette desire to slay giants is another three points in his favor.  Then there's Gaston, the younger brother who works magic in the kitchen and wants nothing more than this father's approval. This graphic novel was so much fun, I absolutely loved it.  The text and illustrations all blend together very well, making for some adventure filled and laugh out story panels.  Since this does not even come close to doing Giants Beware justice, highly recommend checking out

An excerpt
The NYT review


Charlotte said...

This is one of my favorites of the year!

ben said...

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