Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oopsy Daisy - Lauren Myracle

Oopsy Daisy by Lauren Myracle
Milla, Yasaman, Violet and Katie-Rose are in the fifth grade and are best friends. This the third book in this series and they just keep getting better. The four friends have very distinct personalities and each is given a chance to shine. Much of the stories beauty lies in the authenticity of the girls voices. I really appreciate the natural ease in which diversity is embraced amongst the four friends. It doesn't feel forced nor does Myracle shy away for it. The author is also doing an excellent job of building the world about the main characters, from their families, to could be boyfriends to the mean girls. The various stories of Milla, Yasaman Violet and Katie-Rose blend together very well.

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As an added bonus since I love the goodness that is this series, an excerpt of book 1, Luv Ya Bunches, which is available in paperback.

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