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Bad Boy - Dream Jordan

Bad Boy by Dream Jordan
Kate has been in the foster care system for a few years. The reader was first introduced to Kate in Jordan's debut Hot Girl. By the end Kate was living was a loving couple that wanted her in their home, leaving the tough girl persona behind. In this continuation Kate must return to a group home due to unfortunate circumstances.

When the novel opens Kate is leaving Bed- Stuy for her new foster home in Ocean Parkway. In this new old setting Kate is tested on a daily basis. The other girls don't like Kate and do everything they can to push her buttons.

Bad Boy is set throughout Brooklyn and Kate knows her borough well but still has no one to lean on. Until Percy, a very handsome guy she thought was out of her league, comes along. Everything starts off well between the two, soon Percy's complements are followed by put downs. Kate doesn't know what to make of Percy's two very different temperaments. Though her eyes are wide open after a violent act by Percy that couldn't be reasoned away. Jordan handles the abusive relationship aspect of this novel very well.

One of the things I loved about Bad Boy, is the authro stayed true to her main character. Kate still comes across as no nonsense with street and book smarts (earning straight A's) but she continues making poor choices in friends (Hot Girl) and her current boyfriend. Once again Kate and her situation are believable and realistic. This follow up can be read first but I would highly recommend starting with Hot Girl because its too good to miss.

The blurb on the front cover is by author Coe Booth and its a well deserved endorsement. Bad Boy is a must read for Booth fans. I know it would probably never happen but I would love for Kate and Booth's character Kendra to meet up in a short story. That would be awesome.

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